Content Guru
Learn how to create authentic engaging content that serves your purpose
Content Guru
Learn how to create authentic engaging content that serves your purpose
Welcome Creators!
My name is Diana and I'm best known as an award-winning producer, owner of a digital media agency "Aligned Los Angeles" and master of energy and transformation.
I'm so proud and excited to share with you this profound course that I've created as a reflection of 10 years of my unique experience as a producer, storyteller and healer. I traveled more than 50 countries, produced documentary films for Netflix, National Geographic, Discovery and the BBC, worked with numerous brands and influencers and studied with the best mentors and spiritual leaders.

Working with leading TV channels, presenters and YouTubers with millions of followers I gained super in-depth knowledge and understanding of the multi-dimensional craft of content making. I also have my own social media following that I've gained through original content that is both vulnerable and empowering. Here I'm going to share with you all my secrets so you can to learn to create authentic engaging content that serves your purpose.
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What makes my approach so special is that I combine my hands-on profound experience of the industry with transformational teaching tools to really tap into your true potential and creativity. This is not just another shallow online course! This an immersive advanced 7- step experience designed to help you find your own voice and produce content that speaks to your audience and is aligned with who you truly are.
Prepare to
go deep
We will cover some big topics from smart and authentic storytelling to purpose-driven marketing and ways to film and express yourself with integrity and vulnerability. For me, this medium is my ultimate tool for self-expression and I encourage you to use the privilege of reaching millions of people by connecting to your purpose and speaking from your heart. I'm here to support you on this journey. Get ready to slay, darlings!
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Create original content
Learn to film yourself without fear or shame
Make money doing what you love
Unleash your talent and stand out from the crowd
Learn to position and market yourself and your business effectively
Get my personal support and feedback
Lesson Plan
Turning your Passion into
Purpose - Why do you create?
How to battle the fear of the camera?
Learning how to create from
the heart - Balancing the hemispheres
Talking Tech - My ultimate
content creation kit
Positioning and Marketing
with Integrity
Create a sustainable content
plan that fits your life
Final task: Create your
aligned content and get
my personal feedback!
Format vs Story - Which one comes first?
Learn fun and original way - no more boring videos!
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9 Video Lessons

10 Practice Workbooks to form your unique path

Guided Meditation + Breathing Technique for clarity and awareness

Interactive Tests to pick your Engagement Strategy & Content Creation Kit

Lifetime support of your aligned community of content creators

My personal review of your final produced content at completion
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